Savoir-Faire and The Enchanter Set in Hot Lava

Savoir-Faire and The Enchanter Set in Hot Lava

The Savoir-Faire is a bold take on this classic pickup design. 

Warm, round, and a touch on the hotter side, This pickup delivers fullness and definition in one stylish package.  It can handle itself in any musical situation.


The Enchanter was created for versatility and range.  It comes coil-tapped, and can be wired for vintage output, hot output, or unlock both by using a push-pull potentiometer or toggle switch.   The Enchanter is full, bold, and twangy!


Together, these two blend in an unstoppable combination that yeilds a full-range clean rythm tone, and individually, they compliment each other beautifully to give outrageous versatility to your guitar.


This material has irredescent orange swirls and orange glitter!

    $200.00 Regular Price
    $170.00Sale Price